nooo, i don't want to be a waiter

you kin tell he was a snitch

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Started reading this book at B&N titled, “44 Horrible Dates.” This guy went on a lot of bad dates!

For example, one date asked for a hot dog up his ass and another date had a TOE JAM fetish. ”TOE JAM! THAT’S HOT!!” he cried out before climax during bed…

It’s an addictive book to read, but I just wonder how beautifully handsome the author is since a lot of these dates start out like this:

“I was sitting in a cafe and this attractive man came up to me. He complimented my shoes and we started flirting…”

I’m reading this thinking, “is this author seriously so hot that random people just hit on him all the time?” Ugh. Must be nice.

karaoke night
stop by spice
lovefool by cardigans
do the motion by boa
just a feeling
funky town by namie
semi charmed life by third eye blind
how to save a life by fray
domino by jessie j

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After class I was chatting with a friend who was dressed really fancy in designer clothing. We joked that he looked like a GQ magazine coverboy. And I was like, "Haha, I just like Old Navy clothes." And he noticed my shirt's logo and pointed out, "Hey wait! Isn't that an Express shirt?" He totally saw right through my lie! I go, "Damn you're good!" haha It was funny.

in other news, I'm actually failing that class and I plan to drop it but not my other 3 classes. and I'll probably change my major this coming fall semester back to English because life is short. the end???

just saw my week with marilyn
it was ok, she's portrayed as such a diva with pill-poppin problems, so I guess it's supposed to make audiences sympathize with her? The main actor was good at being "innocent" and "naive."

I should've downloaded another comedy though ugh, I like feeling cheerful at the end of a movie, not dank and depressed!

thai food last night with a classmate was awesome and yummy

M.I.A 's new song 'bad girls' YAY!!

bad girls do it well >>>>333

drunk texts suck
or drunk phone calls! I've had this happen twice in my life and both times, it was a person who really did not care about me when they were sober. They just spontaneously decide to call me when they're drunk. What the hell?

I AM NOT WAITING AROUND for some trifling, ignorant nogoodnik. I deserve better than to be the one who gets drunked dialed. I should be the one drunk dialing! No wait, I shouldn't! I'm better than that! >

rabi laby cute dsi game
a cute game with cute characters named Alice, Rabi (a white rabbit) and there's a cheshire cat too. hehe


life comparisons
Disclaimer: 'Believing in myself' type of journal entry.
So I met a new friend today who has an interesting life. Well it's interesting to me because he quit his job but can afford to buy a new Audi and new deluxe apartment in brooklyn all by himself.

Ok I don't know everything about him and he didn't tell me much, I even forgot what his job was, but I know his parents are probably well off and he does seem like a smart guy who may have a lot of money saved up from his job.

Dang, his apartment was sooooo nice, I thought. The view of the city from the 39th floor was amazing.

He is an overall nice person, I don't hang with him much so I don't know him that well and can not determine more thoughts about his character.

It automatically made me think of my small room in queens that I've been living in and my struggles with money, jobs, and living situations. I could be like this guy one day. Who's to say I can't have an expensive apartment or an expensive lifestyle if that is what I really want in the future?

I always tell myself that I just want to be able to be stable and take care of myself for the rest of my life. That view from the top could just be inspiration for me to keep working hard in school and toward a dream.

At least I can be grateful and feel lucky for the experiences that I've had so far. I do have great family and a few close friends that I can turn to if I'm ever in extreme danger. It's fruitless to compare myself to others when I've worked hard for what I have. sigh...that view though

anyway I've been thinking about just stuff that I like...videogame podcasts, asianpopaddict podcasts, graphic novels, eatyourkimchi videos online. Oh I think there's a new asianpopaddict podcast coming out today...hmmm. I wonder if they'll talk about the new Wondergirls song that came out today?....I was so excited for it even if it's still not as catchy as Nobody ^_^ ! I'm loving the new segment where they walk around Korea on eatyourkimchi as well. It's like who needs to travel when you have youtube videos that show what it's like to be there. jk.

gay prom at school tomorrow night!
i'm gonna dance my ass off!!!!

RANT POST nightmare weekend
My sister invited her friend to stay with us for a week. My sister then left to go to her boyfriend's house for the whole weekend leaving me and my other roommate alone with this stranger. This stranger turned out to be a psycho, rearranging all of our furniture and kitchen supplies because she claims she's "o.c.d." She tries to suggest me financial jobs and my roommate acting jobs because, apparently, she has it all figured out and she knows what's best for us. And what kind of houseguest goes up to the host and says, "No offense, but I re-washed your dishes for you. You guys don't know how to wash dishes. Who loaded those dirty dishes in the dishwasher?" MY FUCKING SISTER DID THAT'S WHO. I KNOW HOW TO WASH MY OWN DAMN DISHES SO GO TALK TO MY SISTER YOU RUDE HOUSEGUEST!

How convenient that my sister was not here to witness all of these debacles. This is the second time my sister ditched her friend with me for the weekend. This stranger has no manners and is so stupid and annoying.

I proceeded to text my sister that I hate this girl, this girl has no manners, she disgusts me, and she's rude to our roommate.

My sister replies that I'm being rude and her friend was just 'raised differently' and we're supposed to be more patient and understanding. I'm being rude? Seriously. I wanted to throw a boot at this stranger's face but I try to be nice and I didn't say a word.

She said, "How would I like it if someone hated me and judged me because of my opinions?" Uh, haters gonna hate. If this idiotic waste is allowed to have opinions then SO AM I.

I did not judge her after just 'one day' of meeting her because I was ditched with this stranger for the whole weekend. I know trash when I see it and this girl is trash to me. I'm cool with all her other friends but this girl is the last straw.

Our mutual friend agreed it was wrong of my sister to ditch me with her friend the whole weekend and it was wrong of this stranger to say the things she did.

end rant, feeling like jumping off a bridge. no i won't.


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